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Purchased December 18, 2008 $39.99

This camera is manufactured by Creative but the only place I have seen it for sale is Best Buy.

An interesting little camera which performs amazingly well. I am impressed with the sharpness of the lens under normal lighting conditions. It did tend to get a bit fuzzy in dim light and was just a bit overwhelmed with my daylight tests, but not any more so than most of the other currently available cameras in this price range.

The mount is well designed and will sit on just about any monitor or desktop. However, if mounted on a flat panel or notebook it won't swivel side to side, only up and down.

I had some minor problems with white balance but I must admit I didn't spend a whole lot of time adjusting white balance because the notebooks I was using had not been properly color balanced.

The only real trouble I had was when trying to run it on the same computer with some other cameras, but the specific cameras that caused trouble varied. Some had no problems others did.

I can definitely recommend this camera, especially if you are a Creative fan.

Sample images showing how this camera performs under different lighting conditions

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