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Received September 10, 2007, $129.99

Be sure to also read Common issues with Creative cameras.
Check the about my lighting page to understand the tests.

Creative's first foray into a true auto focus camera, the Optia AF performs well. The image has nice color but just a bit on the dark side in comparison to the Optia Pro (new camera coming shortly). However, my personal preference for a pleasant image is an image like this one with a bit more contrast. This comment is stickily comparing the 3 Optia cameras and is not neccessary relevant to other cameras.

The glass lens is sharper than the cheaper plastic lenses. While it doesn't come up to the sharpness of the Logitech Zeiss lenses, it is a good step forward for Creative. The auto focus is a bit flakey at times. It seems to not be quite as sharp as the Optia Pro despite having a larger image sensor.

I had an odd problem, while the camera works on my notebook and interfaces properly with my current preferred webcam program, the Creative console application which comes with the camera couldn't find the camera. I have to admit that this notebook has a rather messed up operating system due to all the applications that get constantly installed and removed. Something about the software for one of the recent cameras that was installed has caused Helix Encoder to crash so I suspect this may have some relation to the Creative console problem. The result is I can only work with the USB Video class camera controls which are a bit limited.

I like the current stand for the Optia series cameras. Sits on top of a flat panel nicely as well as on a desktop. It stays put and doesn't move around. I do wish the pan side to side movement would go a bit farther though.

The auto focus takes a few seconds for the camera to find what it wants to focus on, and for a few minutes it tends to wander a bit. It would appear the focus system is using the Voice Coil Motor technology like the Logitech cameras, but I can't say that for sure.

If you are a Creative fan, this is a recommended cameras for high resolution and overall quality.

Creative has set up a special site for software updates and added features for their newer cameras at

Sample images showing how this camera performs under different lighting conditions
See a 1600x1200 image taken under bright light
Screen capture of Camera Controls USB Video Class
  • Sensor 1600x1200 (2 mega pixel)
  • USB Video Class
  • USB 2
  • Focus, Automatic
  • Automatic Focus
  • Sits well on monitor or desktop
  • No special drivers needed
  • Creative Console app didn't find camera