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Purchased June 8, 2012 $68.44

I purchased this camera at the request of a viewer who had found it online and was interested in the wide angle feature.

This camera has the widest viewing angle of any camera I have seen within the general class of home use computer connected webcams. A whopping 120 degree view in fact.

The camera performs well under all lighting conditions except low light where the image is too dark to be of any real use. In normal room or bright light the image is very good.

The manual focus is a bit difficult to deal with. It is tight and hard to turn. If the camera is more than a couple of feet in front of you then it can be quite difficult to get in proper focus. As I try to turn the lens my hand gets in the way and I can't see what I am trying to focus on. However in most cases I suspect that once it is set most people won't need to change it very often.

One problem I have found is this camera does not like working in tandem with any other cameras plugged into the same computer. It's a one computer camera so to speak, like some horses I know.

When the camera first arrived, it seemed to have an excellent image at high resolutions but in the 5 months since then, both of the ones I purchased seem to have degraded a bit. That may be because I have been using them outside. When I get another one in, I will try reshooting the high resolution test shots. If you are intending on shooting at a smaller size image then that shouldn't be a problem as both cameras still preform well, except at the largest resolution.

I went to their website and it appears this is the high end camera for this company. The do have numerous other models but there is no real details on how well they work. I can say that the video they have on their website was definitely NOT shot with one of their webcams.

If your purpose is primarily to show a view of an entire room or scenery or security, then this is an excellent choice. I am converting most of my outdoor webcams to this model so I can see a wider space.

If however you want your camera for face to face viewing, I would suggest you look at cameras with more traditional viewing angles.

Overall a good camera and with its wide angle lens, worth the price if you need a wide view. I am going to order several more to change out my outdoor cameras so I get a wider view of my yard.

Sample images showing how this camera performs under different lighting conditions

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