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Purchased Dec 1, 2009 $49.99

This is a short review because I really don't have much to say about this camera. I used this camera as my Christmas tree camera for 2009 and was pleased with the results. Just after I finish writing this review I will move this camera to my truck parked in the driveway and the camera will look down the driveway for the next few months.

I like the stand which is a bit different than the other recently released Logitech cameras. It does sit well on my flat panel and will mount nicely on a notebook screen. It is mounted on a ball so it will swivel 360 degrees around and has a decent up-down capability.

This is the lowest camera in the current Logitech series that has a manual lens cover which can be slid over the front for privacy. The lower priced ones have no lens cover.

I have had a lot of difficulty with color balance when daylight scenery is mixed with incandescent lighting. During my tests the camera was pointing such that it could see the outside through the window to my left. During the late afternoon and early evening this caused the camera to balance way over to the daylight side, making everything inside very red. Adjusting the white balance on manual control didn't seem to have any affect. But unless the lighting was confusing, the camera performed well with its color balance.

I found the picture to be just a bit fuzzy in low lighting for my tastes. Most of the other cameras in the same price range seem to produce a sharper image. Not sure if this camera has a plastic lens or not but if so, then that could explain this focus problem.

Overall a good price and a middle of the line camera. But if you can afford it, I would go with the C600 which is $30 more.

Sample images showing how this camera performs under different lighting conditions

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