Any camera listed as USB Video Class will also work with Microsoft Windows XP sp2 without installing any special drivers, however some advanced functions of some cameras may not be available.

Look for my USB Video Class (UVC) icons for cameras listed as UVC compatible.

Cameras with this symbol Certified for Windows Vista are listed as Vista Certified. Many other newer cameras will work with Vista but may not be fully certified. Check the manufactures websites for Vista compatible cameras.

Logitech has a help page listing which cameras are UVC compatible. Check there before relying on my listings. I could be mistaken on some models.

Some of the older USB 1 cameras included drivers for Mac computers. Most of the newer cameras do not, however many will work with Mac computers. Any camera which is listed as USB Video Class (UVC) compatible should work with the Mac OS 10.4.9 and newer operating systems.

Many other cameras have special drivers available for free from macam, which should allow these cameras run on Mac computers. Check their cameras page for reference. Some of the ways they determine your specific camera is complicated. Good luck.

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